Year 3/4 – Miss Evans, Miss Brideaux and Miss Johnson

The Sky is the Limit …..

Our pupils have chosen the topic this term: Wonderful Weather!


Enterprising, Creative Contributors:

To get started on our topic we talked about all different kinds of weather from the day to day to the extreme. This led us to think about how weather can be used to power our planet and climate change. It also led us to think about fascinating questions such as how is a rainbow made? Why doesn’t a polar bear get chilly? This led the way for our learning…


Ambitious, Capable Learners:

Throughout their learning the pupils will have plenty of opportunities to solve problems in real life contexts, develop their independence and perseverance skills. All pupils have the chance to develop their spelling and Numeracy skills both in school and at home through their Spellingshed and Mathletics accounts.




Healthy, Confident individuals:

Pupils participate in PE lessons at least once a week and take part in the daily mile. We are developing healthy bodies and minds and understand mindfulness and what this means in our day to day lives. There are a number of clubs available to develop healthy, confident pupils such as cookery, multisports, netball and podcasting. 

Ethically, Informed Citizens: 

Through their learning experiences the pupils are becoming ethically informed and developing a greater understand about the world around them. They have learnt sign language, have regular talks from emergency service workers and explored foreign languages. We celebrate a number of festivals around the world as well as developing a deep understanding of our Welsh heritage and history. 

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