School Uniform

This is an area we at school strongly agree with as it creates a very positive first impression of the school. We want our pupils to feel they have a smart uniform, comfortable to wear, and one they are happy to be seen in. Please make sure all you child’s clothing has their name written on the tag or sewn into the material.

Girls Boys
Gold polo shirt /stitched logo [optional]

Maroon Sweatshirt / stitched logo [optional]

Grey Skirt

Summer wear – Red and White check dress or Polo shirt/shorts

Maroon infant Cardigan also available

Gold polo shirt /stitched logo [optional]

Maroon Sweatshirt / stitched logo [optional]

Grey trousers

Summer wear – Polo shirt/shorts



There is no need to wear Jewellery to school, but girls are allowed to wear a pair of stud earrings.  No Necklaces are to be worn in school.

These items are now available on the Tesco clothing website as well as Ruggerbug and CC Sports

It is vitally important to ask parents to clearly label personal property with the name of their child and other relevant details.  This avoids problems of identification when similar types of clothing are inadvertently misplaced.  When other items of clothing go missing from time to time the school makes every effort to recover the lost property.  Any lost property should be reported promptly.  Unfortunately, however, the school cannot accept responsibility for any loss, as personal items are not covered by the school’s insurance.  When money is required to be brought to school it is important that this is either given to the class teacher in the morning or the secretary especially if it relates to dinner money.  Money should never be left in coat pockets, bags or classroom trays.


  • Shirt, shorts or suitable clothing and plimsolls (clearly marked) should be worn for P.E. lessons.
  • Both girls and boys prior to these lessons must remove all jewellery.
  • Staff are not to be responsible for removal or looking after jewellery.
  • Being unable to participate because of jewellery is NOT a valid reason.
  • Non-participation requires a note from home. PE is a National Curriculum Foundation subject in which ALL pupils must participate.