School Meals

Meals, representing a balanced diet are prepared on the premises.  Children who have a school meal have a choice of main meal and sweet.  Presently £2.20 for April 2020 and when available Nursery lunch will be £2.40 per meal.

Payment of Dinner Money is taken on a Monday for the whole week.  The L.A. will not allow the school to provide children with dinners on a credit basis.  If a meal is missed for any reason, credit is given.  Dinner Money paid for by cheque must be made payable to “Caerphilly County Borough Council” (C.C.B.C. is also acceptable) and must have your address written on the reverse of the cheque.  Parents in receipt of benefits may be are entitled to apply for free school meals and the respective forms may be obtained from the school secretary.

Packed Lunches – Children may bring sandwiches for their mid-day meal and these are eaten in the dining hall [infant building] with the children having school meals. Healthy diets are promoted.

Going Home for Lunch – The school needs to know each Monday morning of any such arrangement. If not a regular arrangement, written confirmation from parents is required each time.

Free Breakfast Club – is available between 8.10am and 8.30am in infant building for all children.  Please obtain forms from the school office.

All children remaining in school during the lunchtime are under the watchful supervision of the lunchtime supervisors, who are acting under instruction of the Headteacher. During the Summer Term and weather permitting the children use the school playing field as opposed to the yards. The supervisors are responsible for the maintenance of good behaviour and all incidents are reported to a member of staff.

No child is to be taken from the school at lunchtime unless a member of staff is informed